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Revelations 2019 - Silhouette of girl standing in a field in yoga pose.
G-Free Deliciously

G-Free Deliciously

The Blog for Living Your Best Gluten-Free Lifestyle!

Welcome to my second Blogging Year!
I’m learning so much more about this incredible journey, creating the best gluten-free life possible, and sharing it along my way…

Welcome to G-Free Deliciously! My name is Kymberley Pekrul, and I’m the founder of G-Free Deliciously, a website where you’ll find not only wholesome and simple gluten-free recipes that taste absolutely delicious, but encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your journey to get fit for life.

At G-Free Deliciously, it truly is my greatest heart’s desire to help others find encouragement and fulfillment, to learn, grow, and embrace their unique self through a balance of healthy lifestyle concepts and faith-based living. I will teach you how to make easy, healthy meals and provide practical encouragement to nourish both your body and soul.

So, it occurred to me that some of you might be wondering “What’s up with naming the blog page ‘Revelations’ anyway? It’s sort of funny name.”

I’d have to agree; it is kind of strange. But in many more ways, the name ‘Revelations’ seems very fitting too especially because I live and work in an area of Central Wisconsin known as the Holyland’s. And, because this is the place on the website where I hope to share what God has taught me, both spiritually, and physically over the years to reach a healthy balance.

This page is the place where everything comes together. It’s the historical timeline to the collection of recipes, and all the great BIG ‘Aha Moments’ where I share my bright ideas and meant to be useful advice, as well as some nifty techniques from my personal experience of getting healthier, working on getting and staying in shape, and doing it in a faith-based way.

G-Free Deliciously is created to inspire you to get you feeling ‘Deliciously Well,’ fit and healthy for life, all while enjoying the journey! 

my lastest

Grilled Salmon with Mex-Inspired Ceviche-Style Salsa
Fish & Seafood

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Ceviche-Style Salsa

Everyone will love this Grilled Salmon with Avocado Ceviche-Style Salsa! Delicious and quick to make – marinate the salmon in 5 simple ingredients, then grill and top with fresh avocado ceviche-style salsa for a Mexican-Inspired dish with a healthy, flavorful kick!

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Gluten-Free Triple Berry Coconut Muffins

Gluten-Free Triple Berry Coconut Muffins

Simple nourishment that’s bursting with juicy berries in every bite! These moist and cakey gluten-free Triple Berry Coconut Muffins make a delicious baked treat for breakfast or just about any time of day.

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