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Personalized coaching care for lasting gluten-free gut health and living life without feeling restricted.

a highly-individual approach to gut health and lifestyle

You are unique. Not just in your personality – but literally in your gut.

In my programs, you get undivided attention and guidance for your unique gluten-free gut health journey. Through this counseling, you’ll unlock the answers to help you implement specific changes unique to you, your schedule, your family dynamics, and your goals, starting from the point where you are.

Kymberley Pekrul


Hello! I’m Kymberley Pekrul, a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner, Certified Health Coach & Lifestyle Coach, and accredited Gut Health Specialist. For more than 15 years, my focus has been to provide my clients with healthy gluten-free recipes, resources, and easy-to-implement lifestyle strategies that promote wellness. In addition, I’d love to help you and your family achieve your health and wellness goals through my expert counseling tailored to your body and lifestyle.

Meet Kymberley

Bio-individuality Based Health Coaching

We are all unique.
Bio individuality is the belief that we are all different. Not just in our personalities – but literally in our gut.
Therefore believing that we are all unique, I think our culture's "one size fits all attitude is very wrong. And that's what makes my coaching different.

It’s a term coined by Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) – the school where I received my accreditation in gut health.

In relation to lifestyle and nutrition, Bio-individuality is the recognition that no one diet will work for everyone – one person’s food is another person’s poison.

Create balance

Recognizing there’s an overwhelming amount of information everywhere related to health, nutrition, and well-being that is hard to filter and even harder to implement. How do you even begin to know what to do?

Coaching can help break it down for you!

Choose your pace

In these programs, you’ll find nourishment on and beyond the plate: food, recipes, movement, sleep, stress management, and solutions for everything else you might need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Imagine you… killing it in this Amazing, Glorious Journey!

Email support

Email support includes coaching summaries with action plans, recipes, and more in each of my one-on-one coaching plans. Have questions, feeling stuck, or stagnated in one of my digital online programs?

Ask me anything through my dedicated coaching email support inbox.

Meal plans

Save time and money! Personalized weekly plans include healthy tested recipes scaled to the perfect serving size and quantity that you need. Cook once, and use leftovers on your plan later in the week.

Don’t worry, you’ll never buy more than what you need when following the shopping list!

a highly-individual approach to gut health and lifestyle

à La Carte Services

Personalized coaching care for lasting gluten-free gut health and living life without feeling restricted.

- my mission -

Centers around creating the “sweet spot” where delicious, gluten-free, and healthy meet!

Coaching Care Menu

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Welcome to the GfreeDeliciously coaching care menu and appointment scheduling page! Not sure where to begin? Book A Complimentary 40-minute virtual consultation on a gluten-free diet concern, gut health issue, or another gluten-free lifestyle topic of your choice!

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1:1 Complimentary Consult

This is the beginning of your Amazing, Glorious Journey. Step into a world of personalized advice and expert guidance with this 1:1 Complimentary 40-minute…

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$0.00 • 40 mins

1:1 In-Journey | Quick Check-In Session

Schedule your Quick Check-In Session call at a time that works for you. *If you are not an in-journey participant, please purchase an à La Carte 1:1 Session Call instead…

Book now ►

$0.00 to $120 • 15 mins to 1 Hour

1:1 Journey | Consult + Practical Tools

I completely understand that your food needs and circumstances are unique. Schedule this 90-minute initial call, during which we will lay the groundwork for custom solutions that align with your interests and dietary…

Book now ►

$297 • 90 mins

1:1 Add-On Session Call

Elevate your day with a personalized add-on session call in 15, 30, or 40-minute blocks, or schedule an additional one-hour call for any booked service. Book now to connect, reflect, and…

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$0.00 to $120 • 15 mins to 1 Hour

1:1 Journey | 12-Week Total Reframe

12 weeks (90 Days) to start or grow your gluten-free journey and lifestyle. Discover proven steps to empower you to make informed decisions about your diet, health, and day-to-day lifestyle choices…

Book now ►

$1,497 • Session times vary.

1:1 Journey | POST Reframe Bundle

Continue your amazing journey with this 4-month call and coaching bundle. Get unlimited email support and a full launch into a big, juicy, life-changing transformation in your gluten-free and gut health…

Book now ►

$1,120 • 50-minute sessions.

1:1 Journey | One-Time Stretch & Grow

Stretch and grow quickly into one gluten-free or gut health issue during a private 90-minute online call (via phone or Zoom)…

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$189 (1st-TIME) • $158 (REFRESHER) • 1 Hour, 30 mins

1:1 Journey | 28-Day Bundle

Twenty-eight days of support with four “GOO-Shedding” reframe sessions to move past what’s been holding you back or limiting your success in…

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$297 • 45 minute sessions.

Gluten-Free & Gut-Health Personalized Monthly Meal Plans

These meal plans take the work out of having one more thing to think about. You’ll get a monthly personalized meal plan with shopping lists and healthy, nutritionally balanced,  easy meal recipes that meet…

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$79 to $233 • 15 to 40 minutes

14-Day Cleanse | Reset your Gut with a Gluten-Free Nutrional Adventure!

Cultivate happy life practices and prepare yourself for a One-on-One Nutritional Adventure! A healthy pathway to release toxins and excess bloat from your tissues, reset your digestive…

Includes 3-Mini 1:1 Sessions + Quick Check-In

Book now ►

$0.00 to $120 • 15 mins to 1 Hour

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