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Let’s Connect!

I love to work with brands in ways that are genuine and relevant to G-Free Deliciously readers. I have experience through my career life working for specialty food manufacturers and in selling to the wine and spirits industry. I’m open to working with companies in a variety of ways, including brand ambassadorships, sponsorships, recipe development, guest and sponsored posts, and more.

If you’re interested in working together please contact me at kymberley@gfreedeliciously.com.


I live in Central Wisconsin and can attend events throughout the state or travel to your event on location. Invite me to attend your event to learn about your brand, product, etc. and provide live coverage via social media.

Brand ambassadorship
I love working with brands long-term via brand ambassadorships, provided we both feel that our brands complement each other.

Brand travel
I have experience with brand travel and trips, promotion of branded products and services, and enjoy the behind-the-scenes learning about a brand, as well as sharing my experience with my readers.

Sponsored posts
Food writing and photography-Please contact me for your ideas with a specific product.

Guest posts
Let me tell your story by writing post content for your blog or website. Please contact me for your ideas with a specific product or project.

Product reviews
If you have a product that you think would be a good fit with G-Free Deliciously readers, please contact me. I’m open to host giveaways that are a good fit.

Recipe development
I love creating gluten-free recipes using specific products, and always work to develop and recreate traditional ingredient recipes to be gluten-free, unique, delicious and different; yet are still easy to prepare for a broad range of cooks.

Other ideas?
I pride myself on being able to objectively look at a brand to discover and come up with a unique way that we could work together. If you have any specific ideas to run by me, please get in touch!

Consulting, Speaking, and Special Projects

How can I captivate you instantly by condensing my entire career into a few words?

Let me do my best to give you a quick overview about my skills and a snapshot of my experience.

Writing and storytelling, organization, and marketing are my strongest skill sets. In my career of more than 30+ years, I’ve become a professional level copywriter, designer, manager, marketer, event organizer, publisher, and storyteller.

Over the years, I’ve just about done it all as a communications professional. I’ve written advertisements, blog and technical articles, brochures, event descriptions, flyers, news releases, newsletter articles, corporate briefs, posts, and copy for websites. I’ve filled in at companies as temporary help for special projects and while their designers or copywriter has been on leave. I’ve worked independently and on teams to concept social media and marketing campaigns, and to plan and execute extraordinary events. That’s me; I’ve been that gal who has been fortunate to have worked for a lot of great clients, organizations and in many interesting industries.

Here are a just few of the industries that I’ve worked in (some as contracted services and others as a full-fledged employee):

  • Banking
  • Community and Public Relations
  • Dental Practice Management
  • Design-Build Construction
  • Disability Services
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Historical Societies
  • Historic Site Tourism
  • Magazine Publishing
  • Small Museum and Historic House Management
  • Specialty Food and Dairy Manufacturing
  • Textiles and Sewn Goods

Through the jobs I’ve held, positions I’ve filled, and projects I’ve been part of, all have encompassed communications, marketing, writing, and storytelling in one way or another. The projects I’ve enjoyed the most have been for food and drink-related companies and projects, travel and tourism, and nonprofits.

In June 2017 I stepped down as the executive director for a local historical society. Not wanting to retire, it became obvious to me that my background and skills could be used to continue to help others through being a ambassador for brands, consulting, and speaking while starting my dream of publishing a gluten-free blog. As a brand ambasssador, consultant, and speaker, I’m able to focus on specific projects and topics, designing communications, presentations, and services to be both affordable and convenient, with fees set up front, so there are no surprises at the end!

I’m open to working on an hourly rate or a project fee basis. I’m even open to negotiating package plans so you can control costs while reaching your goals and taking your organization to new heights.

I’ve presented to boards, writer’s groups, development teams, sales teams, and have taught small to medium-sized group workshops.

I offer a variety of services focusing on living a gluten-free lifestyle, entrepreneurship, blogging and writing, communications, marketing, nonprofit management, and can speak on topics including:

Gluten-Free Living

  • Gluten-Free Cooking/Demonstrations
  • Gluten-Free Kitchen/Home
  • Gluten-Free Travel Tips
  • I Can’t Eat Wheat, Now What?


  • Communications & PR
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Non-profit Board Engagement
  • Organizational Management
  • Small Museum Management


  • Blogging and Writing as a Career
  • Creativity – Your Key to Success
  • Making the Right Connections
  • Writing for Publicity and Profit


  • Developing Your Case for Support
  • Event Planning
  • Non-profit Board Engagement
  • Organizational Management
  • Small Museum Management
  • Thinking Outside the Box


I’d love to help your organization by speaking at an upcoming event or helping with your special project. I’m here to answer your questions, help you to build your brand, and tell your story so you can get new business, customers, donors, live your best gluten-free life and more.

Drop me a line, and hopefully, we can make that happen! Please contact me, Kymberley Pekrul at kymberley@gfreedeliciously.com

If you’d like to connect via phone, you can always schedule a call. Please send me an email to set up a time to chat.

Please note: I welcome brands and journalists looking for interviews, but I don’t answer consulting and creative questions or give out my pricing via email prior to establishing a working relationship through discussions. I also don’t accept guests posts on my website or on my blog.


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