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#GfreeTogether (FREE)

#GfreeTogether - Lean into your Gluten-Free Food & Lifestyle Freedom. Care for yourself. Connect with others in a private Facebook community. Ask questions, make friends, discover an easy path to gluten-free freedom. Free membership supports persons suffering from gluten intolerances, including celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and other gluten sensitivities, to live healthier lives.

#GfreeTogether (FREE)

Online Private Community & Gluten-Free Support Group
Live Video Chat via ZOOM, 11-Noon (2nd Tuesday of every month).
This is a small group support and wellness program. Sign up to join the virtual discussion via the pre-scheduled ZOOM event. Recording links post to group members for anyone who can't make it.
FREE - Pre-registration required to join the live chat.
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Starts October !!

Gfree-Cookbook CLUB (FREE)

Gfree-Cookbook Club is a free, monthly LIVE ZOOM gathering of home cooks for a book and recipe talk to share and discuss popular cookbook selections written by gluten-free authors. Everyone is encouraged to make a dish from each month's book choice, then connect in the virtual Show & Tell to talk about the book. Discussing what they made, posting questions, and sharing their triumphs and sometimes messy, imperfect cooking journeys. The club membership and the monthly event are free to everyone in the club, but we need members to RSVP (sign up for each event) to join the discussion during the live gathering.

Gfree-Cookbook CLUB (FREE)

Online Virtual Cookbook Club
Starts October 2021 - Sign up now for updates!

Monthly - Book & Recipe Talk 6-7-ish pm (3rd Thursday every month).
This event is free to everyone in the club, but we need members to RSVP (sign up for each event) to join the discussion during the live gathering.
FREE - Pre-registration required.
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Stretch & Grow | One-Time Journey

Stretch & Grow Quickly into 1-Issue during a one-on-one 90-minute online call (via phone or ZOOM).

Stretch & Grow | One-Time Journey

One-Time - 90-Minutes of 1:1 Crystal-Clear Coaching.
One-time Payment at the time of booking.
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28-Day "Goo-Shedding" Journey Bundle

28-Day Call & Coaching Bundle. The bundle includes: Four one-on-one - 45-Minute Coaching Sessions (via phone or ZOOM), 28-Days of unlimited email support, and four "GOO-Shedding" reframe sessions to move past what's been holding you back or limiting your success in your gluten-free diet or lifestyle.

28-Day "Goo-Shedding" Journey Bundle

4 Sessions - Four Weeks of 1:1 Crystal-Clear Coaching
3 Hours of 45-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call Sessions.
One-time Payment at the time of booking.
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90-Day Great "BIG" Amazing Glorious Journey Bundle **BEST DEAL**

12-Weeks to start or grow your gluten-free journey, eating plan, and lifestyle. This in-depth journey includes 12 - One-on-one private coaching sessions (via ZOOM video conference), where you'll discover proven steps designed to empower you in making informed, knowledgeable decisions to improve your diet, health, and day-to-day gluten-free eating and lifestyle choices.

90-Day Great "BIG" Amazing Glorious Journey Bundle **BEST DEAL**

12 Weeks - 10.5 hours of 1:1 Crystal-Clear Coaching
Week One - 90-minutes to set the framework for working together.
Sessions 2 thru 11 - 50-minute coaching call sessions.
Session 12 - Wrap up with a 30-50 Minute Flutter & Fly Session.

Choose 1-Time payment or Pay-As-You-Go!
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4-Month Flutter & Fly Next Step
POST “AGJ +” Bundle

Amazing Glorious Journey Next-Step. Continue your amazing journey with this 4-month call and coaching bundle. The bundle includes eight 50-Minute one-on-one coaching sessions (via phone or ZOOM) 2x per month. Get four months of unlimited email support and a full launch into a big, juicy, life-changing transformation in your gluten-free journey.

4-Month Flutter & Fly POST “AGJ +” Bundle

8 Sessions - Eight Weeks of 1:1 Crystal-Clear Coaching
6.5 Hours of 50-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call Sessions
Choose 1-Time payment or Pay-As-You-Go!
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12-Month Weekly Coaching Bundle

60 Minutes of one-on-one support every week of the year during phone or ZOOM consultations + a weekly meal plan to meet your individual dietary needs—option for sessions to include family members (at no additional cost). Consultations are custom designed to suit your specific interests and dietary needs while giving you weekly support to meet your goals.

12-Month Weekly Coaching Bundle

52 Weekly Sessions - Twelve Months of Crystal-Clear Coaching
52 Hours of Weekly 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call Sessions
Scheduled via phone or ZOOM.

Pay Monthly (Credit card on file required.)
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à La Carte Services

One-on-One support + Practical Tools by the hour during phone or ZOOM virtual visits. Schedule just what you need. Consultation can be scheduled one-on-one with just you or can include family members (at no additional cost). Consultations are custom designed to suit your specific interests and dietary needs.

à La Carte Services

Schedule one appointment at a time, anytime you need it!
Initial consultation 2-Hours, follow-up sessions 1-Hour time-slots.
Whether you're looking for cooking lessons, a customized meal plan, detoxing with a cleanse, performing a pantry makeover, or getting help to plan a gluten-free holiday menu, or just about anything else...
Pay as you go at the time of booking.
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Or, if you’re still not sure which plan is right for you, 


I'm Kymberley

I started GfreeDeliciously to help those who worry about “GUT PAIN” and being “GLUTENED” to stop wasting time trying to figure everything out, so they can focus on eating the foods they love while living the life they’ve dreamed of.

After more than 14 years of re-learning how to eat, restoring my own health, reclaiming life, and helping others through these same struggles as they go gluten-free, I know that you can heal and restore your body too!

My programs are for you if you’re avoiding gluten for any reason and wondering if the effort needed to stay gluten-free is really worth it. I’ll teach you how to skip ahead with my step-by-step eating and lifestyle strategies guaranteed to restore your health while surviving life without gluten.

If you want to feel better, you’ve come to the right place because my mission has always been to provide you with the skills needed to master all the ins and outs of being gluten-free while healing your body through the power of food.

What would it feel like to never worry about feeling miserable or being "Glutened" again?

Let GfreeDeliciously guide you through the tedious, frustrating, difficult, and sometimes terrifying process of sorting through what works and what doesn’t. With the Amazing Glorious Journey programs, you’ll find:

  • A faster, reliable path to living your life gluten-free.
  • Better results for eliminating food confusion.
  • Peace of mind knowing what and what not to eat, how to eat healthier every day, and even what personal care, household, and living products are available for your gluten-free lifestyle.
  • No more panic attacks about family get-togethers, eating out, and social gatherings.
  • The answers to your most pressing gluten-free questions.
  • Tips you can implement right away – helping you heal your body from the inside out, restoring your gut health, reclaiming your life, and being confident while living gluten-free without compromise or feeling restricted.
  • How to achieve and restore whole-body health in mind, body, and soul from the damage gluten left behind.
  • Go-to support you can trust from a certified health and lifestyle coach whose specialty is clean-eating and gluten-free diets – someone who knows precisely what you’re experiencing because she lives this way of life day in and day out.

Focus on living the life you deserve. Get the gluten-free life you love!

Why My One-on-One Plans?

Grow your knowledge, stay ahead of potential problems, and make your split with gluten a little easier.


Flexible financing

From 100% FREE to one-time payment-saver options – Alternatively, please contact us to inquire about custom plans to help you meet your health goals.


Trusted Knowledge

We do our best to provide accurate and timely information so you have access to learn more from well-respected sources in gluten-free and gut health.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Support is provided via phone calls, ZOOM consultations, small group, and live video chats, or email making it easy to get support anytime, anywhere.

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