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featured in Being Gluten-Free

If you’re struggling with or have been diagnosed with gluten-related disorders (celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or dermatitis herpetiformis, which is the skin manifestation of celiac disease) and must avoid gluten for health reasons, these articles contain the basic rules you’ll need to know to start eating gluten-free today, living and being gluten-free in life.

Et cetera

My Gluten-Free Food and Lifestyle Blog. The beginning…

My work-life mix has always been focused and a deliberate effort of trying to balance and blend my priorities and interests in family, career, food, healthy living, creativity, and storytelling in a way that touches the people around me and reminds them of what is most important in life.

Sorting everything out has always been a little chaotic and disorganized for me and generally for my family too, but in the end, that’s what has made our life an interesting and rewarding journey.

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