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Introducing the
Not Your Ordinary Book Club...




It definitely does involve books, and it might even feel a tiny bit ‘Book Clubby-ish,’ but believe me when I tell you, this is altogether different from any book club you’ve ever experienced…

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If it's Not A Regular Sort of Book Club, What Is It?

Gfree-Cookbook Club is a free, monthly gathering of home cooks for a book and online recipe talk of sharing and discussing popular cookbook and wellness selections offering gluten-free recipes. Everyone is encouraged to make a dish (or more) from each month’s book choice, then connect in the private Facebook Group to discuss the book. Inside the private group, members can post photos of what they made, ask questions, and share their triumphs and sometimes messy, imperfect cooking journeys. The club membership is free for everyone to join and follow along.

Online Cookbook Club ZOOM Gatherings
Register each month to get in on the online club fun!

Monthly – Book & Recipe Private ZOOM Group Discussion
The monthly online gathering (event) is free for everyone in the club, still, we need members to register each month to get the login details for the ZOOM gathering, enter the monthly giveaway, and for receiving any late-breaking updates or special offers for club members that month.

Here’s a Sneek Peek into October 2021 to January 2022 Book Selections

Upcoming Books:

    • The Gluten-Free Quick Breads Cookbook: 75 Easy Homemade Loaves in Half the Time, Sharon Lachendro (October)
    • The Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies Cookbook, Brianna Hobbs  (November/Rescheduled-December)
    • Gluten-Free Party Food: All the Flavor, Without the Gluten, Lindsay Garza  (December)
    • Dear Gluten, It’s Not Me, It’s You: How to Survive Without Gluten and Restore Your Health from Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity, Jenny Levine Finke (January)

TITLES FOR  February – June 2022 Are TBA

To add any of these books to your collection, and show your support for the GfreeCookbook Club, look for these and other books at AbeBooks (affiliate link), Alibris (affiliate link), Amazon (affiliate link), or Barnes & Nobel (affiliate link).

Are you an author with a cookbook or wellness book that includes gluten-free recipes you would like us to feature? Pitch us HERE!



Join the GfreeCookbook Club Now!

* A Note for Existing Account Members: To sign up for the club, you will need to make sure you are logged out on the site, then click on the “Existing Account Tab” in the form below, and log back in with your username and password to sign up.

The INVESTMENT – A Commitment to Read, Make Recipes, and Show Up for Some Gfree Cooking FUN !!


Welcome newbie! I’m so happy you’re here.

Online Show & Tell is just that – In the private Facebook group during the book selection month and beyond, you’ll be able to connect with other club participants to see and read about what they are making. You can post questions, share something about a recipe you’ve made from the book or anything else about your cooking or reading experience. Of course, we know you’ll always keep things on a positive note:)

Together we’ll unwrap several of the individual and collective recipes and nuggets that the book elicits. Ultimately, the group will be what everyone makes of it, with everyone in the group ‘Showing’ what they made and ‘Telling’ the group a bit of how it all went.

Because the group is relatively small, it guarantees that each person here is seen and heard – we’re aiming for rich cooking and sharing connections and engaging experiences instead of dipping toes into the waters of anonymity, right-or-wrongs, or what-ifs. You won’t be asked to show and tell all, but you will be asked to show and tell some.

LIVE ZOOM GATHERING means that you can join the scheduled online gathering events virtually through the ZOOM computer desktop or mobile app. After you RSVP (sign up) for the LIVE ZOOM event gathering, we’ll send you an email and a few event reminders with the Meeting ID, Password, and a link to connect and join the pre-scheduled event. 

When you connect for the gathering, be sure to turn your audio and video on so that others will be able to hear you and see your smiling face.

And if you’re really, really excited to ‘Show & Tell’ during a particular live gathering, there is also an option when you RSVP to guarantee your spot so that you get to do it! (BUT-just to be fair, we reserve the right to limit how often you can buy a guaranteed spot.)

Again, keeping these virtual gatherings relatively small guarantees that each person here is seen and heard during the event – we’re aiming for rich cooking and sharing connections and engaging experiences instead of dipping toes into the waters of anonymity, right-or-wrongs, or what-ifs. So you don’t need to show and tell all, but you can show and tell some.

Books are not included in the club. You’re encouraged to purchase them in advance or time your reserves at your local library or bookstore lending program accordingly.

All selected titles will be announced a minimum of one month before the new book start and can be previewed on the website before RSVP-ing (signing up) for the upcoming Cookbook Club gathering. In other words, you’ll know everything in advance. For the October – December 2021 books, scroll back up on this page to see them listed out in the pink box. January – June 2022 are currently TBA.

Two words – Breath. Love ♥

Have you ever made a recipe and had it turn out better the umpteenth time making it than it did the first?

And… have you ever read a gluten-free book that way?

And… have you ever read a cookbook and then read it and cooked through it with a group of people and a personal guide for the book leading the way on applying said book to your life?

‘Nuff said.

No, but MAYBE you’ll want to! 

On reading

We cover one book each month. That means the max amount of reading in a single week works out to about 50 – 75 pages… in other words, seven to 10 pages a day… or roughly perusing three to six recipes will get ya’ there if you’re going to read the whole book, but you don’t have to read everything. So feel free to skip around and to read only what interests you the most.

On Cooking

Our mission for the Gfree Cookbook Club is to introduce you to tried and tested, gluten-free recipes so that if you want to make something that looks or sounds good to you, you can make it.

Because we’re motivated to provide our readers and club members with gluten-free information and recipes they can trust, we focus on popular cookbooks and wellness selections written by authors who will expand your knowledge about gluten-free foods you can eat, recipes you can make, and living your best life Gfree.

Whether you make the recipes or not – it’s up to you!

NO. Because we’re not just reading. We’re cooking, reading, and trying new things to spread our wings. We’re making new recipes, reading, note-taking, thinking, processing, supporting each other, applying, reading some more, laughing ’till our sides ache, talking, and GROWING to fly higher. You will not be bored.

EVERY MONTH (STARTING IN OCTOBER to JUNE) – On the 3rd Thursday, at 6-7-ish pm CDT 

This event is free to everyone in the club, but we need members to RSVP (sign up for each event) to join the discussion during the live gathering.

Club members are encouraged to attend a minimum of two virtual free gatherings each club year (October through June). Here’s why: at its core, the Cookbook Club is a group membership club. It’s about shared club experiences and about creating connections between ourselves and others, and that doesn’t work when you don’t or can’t show up. Groups need active participants, present, and fully engaged in the here and now for gatherings to thrive.

If attending two virtual free gatherings during the club year (October through June) doesn’t work for you, but you’re still looking for connection and growth, check out #GfreeTogether.

I get it. Sometimes life happens. If you miss a scheduled gathering for a book and recipe talk, you miss a gathering. No worries. Just an FYI, though – the gatherings are not recorded and are therefore not available for replay. We’re aiming for an equitable exchange of openness and vulnerability, and I feel like access to replays takes away from that. Cool? Cool.

P.S. If you did RSVP and need to cancel you can do that on the event registration page too.

YES! You can come in for the Gluten-Free Virtual Cookbook Club at any month, anytime. You can review new book start dates in the pink box above on this page.

I’m currently prepping books for the February – June 2021 schedule.

If you absolutely can’t attend any of the virtual gatherings, don’t worry! We don’t want you to miss out on these great book experiences!

The blog posts for the monthly book and their comment boxes are on each book post page to address the book and its recipes when you get to them. Additionally, we invite you to listen to our book review on the GfreeCookbook Club Podcast.

Also, when you’re a site subscriber, you may feel free to download and print off the monthly book schedule from the website. So, save it, type, and fill it in as you go. When accessing the file from the website, you will first need to log in and then get it HERE (under the “Cookbook Club” tab). And, of course, if you decide to become a club member in the future with an RSVP to any GfreeCookbook Club event, you will also receive an email in your inbox when the file is available. 

Here's How It Works and What's Included:

First, you need to know that this Gfree Cookbook Club is 100% FREE!

When you sign up, you unlock your access to:

  • The private group online community on Facebook. Where you can connect with other club members, get updates about book selections, author events, receive club-only member offers, get recipe advice, and share your experiences about triumphs and sometimes messy, imperfect cooking journeys.
  • Audio Podcast each month, where I share my thoughts (and an occasional exclusive one-on-one interview with the author) about what we’re learning from the book. The idea is that these recordings will help you understand and engage with the material on a deeper level. (Click here to listen to the GfreeCookbook Club Podcast on Anchor or Spotify). 
  • Calls to action to help you decide what to make – not just think about it!
  • Virtual ZOOM gatherings – This book and recipe talk is a beautiful opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, discuss how the book is landing for everyone, and get honest feedback about the recipes and the gluten-free wellness and life we’re all learning about. See the event schedule for specific dates and times.
  • No long-term commitment. This cookbook club intends to add real value to your life. If at any point you’re finding that it’s not, it’s easy to drop your club membership. You also are welcome to come and go based on your interest in the books we feature.

New to the Club? Here’s what to expect:

  • Things get started each month with a welcome video from me, detailing the monthly cooking and reading plan, what to expect, and preparing everyone for heading to the kitchen;
  • Then you get a digital cookbook plan (AKA: an email that outlines a little about the monthly book, highlights from the selection we’re tackling – all pulled apart along with thought-stirring ideas for jumping into the TASTIEST and most SCRUMPTIOUS gluten-free recipes, and a few tips to support you in navigating the terrain, applying everything you’ll take away from reading and cooking from the book, and living your best Gfree life along the way);
  • Connect in a private group online community on Facebook for interacting with other cookbook club members. It’s an online Show & Tell space – a place to participate by sharing pictures of what you make, give tips and feedback about the recipes – what worked or what didn’t, get ideas, help, and support from other gluten-free cooks.
  • Access Online LIVE ZOOM Gathering Events These events will happen from time to time for a book and recipe talk (about a specific selection) where you can RSVP (sign up for each event) to be part of the live gathering. They are virtual events where you’ll hear and dig deeper into the book, what other club members made, occasionally hear from the book’s author, and get honest feedback about the recipes and the gluten-free wellness and life we’re all learning about. 
  • You’ll find a community of home cooks who are cookbook and recipe lovers like yourself. When you become a club member, you’ll be aiming for solid connections – learning from, and with, other page-loving gluten-free cooks;
  • A commitment to yourself and your NOT so Ordinary Gluten-Free Virtual Cookbook Club. When you’re in, you’re IN. Becoming a club member means attending and participating in the group throughout the club year (October through June). Because membership means you’re an accountability-pal for yourself and everyone else in the club. You’ve gotta show up to grow up, so to speak. But seriously, you’re going to love this cookbook club!
  • And a few secret gifts and goodies along the way.

Want in the LIVE ZOOM, but all the spots are full?
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