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Let’s Collaborate!

Delicious Gluten-Free recipes, practical wellness strategies and tools, life-giving encouragement, and inspiration to get healthy for life!

Hi! My name is Kymberley and G-Free Deliciously is my personal food blog and health coaching site. From the start of producing content, the thing that remains most important to me with G-Free Deliciously is authenticity. When I work with brands who share that value, it becomes very natural for us to use our platform to increase brand exposure, interest, and loyalty in a way that feels like a recommendation from a good friend...

First, A little more about the blog and me…

G-Free Deliciously is a food, wellness, and lifestyle brand created to inspire others to eat deliciously and live fully while being gluten-free. As a nationally published writer, certified health and lifestyle coach, culinary nutrition expert, and consultant, I would be thrilled to work with you to develop your brand!

Highlights of my professional career include communications, marketing, and sales management positions in the food, specialty food and beverage, dairy manufacturing, publishing, health care, and disability service industries.

My super-power is in the written word and being well organized where over the years those skills have provided me with a full plate of creativity and unending opportunities for personal and professional growth with several leading manufacturers and companies throughout the U.S.

G-Free Deliciously is a popular gluten-free-living blog with a growing audience of people following and transitioning to a gluten-free and healthier lifestyle.

Want to know more? Scroll down to learn more about how I work with brands.

Empowering You To Take An Active Role In Your Health! 


My services include but are not limited to the list below, for more detailed information on pricing and services or a media kit, email [email protected].

I am available for recipe development and food photography for your brand or website. These projects could include developing recipes specifically for your brand, creating blog posts for your brand’s blog (with images and full recipes), recipe photos for social media use, high-resolution photos for your brand’s website, high-resolution images for print, and images or recipes for social media posts, pictures or mock blog posts for PR pitches, creating recipes for packaging, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly for a project estimate, as each unique approach depends upon the job’s scope. Rates would also be dependent upon the type of photo licensing you might want to include.

These posts feature a branded product with a recipe created about the product used as an ingredient or accompanying tool or product (like chocolate chips as an ingredient in a cookie, a wine pairing, or a pan or other device used in cooking). These posts would also include:

  • A minimum of 300-500 word text and usually, three images with at least one, including the products/packaging
  • Outbound links to your website
  • Social media promotion of the post across my social media channels with brand tag and hashtag (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram as applicable), and an optional targeted message that your brand would like to include

An example of a targeted message would be a call to attention to possibly a new product line, etc., depending on your brand’s objectives. All sponsored recipe posts are written with SEO in mind.

Sponsored recipe posts include licensing to use the photos from the post on social media to promote the post-placement or for use on your website as a “teaser” with a link back to my post for the recipe. Hi-resolution photo files will be emailed with a link to the post once it goes live. In addition, I can email you square (728x728px) and vertical (800x1200px) cropped photos optimized for web and social media use, if desired. Sponsored Recipe Videos can also easily be added to this to create a tailored package for your brand.

Additional licensing can include a high-resolution photo(s) and a complete recipe on your website if that interests you.

Of course, I am always open to hearing about any specific terms of use and additional photo and recipe licensing arrangements outside of the ideas presented above on an individual project basis.

The benefit of this type of post is that it is, essentially, an evergreen ad for your brand that is promoted on social media indefinitely.

Brunch is Always A Good Idea


I can create #CookingGfreeDeliciously recipe quick videos that are 30-90 seconds long. The length of the video depends on the recipe involved. These videos prominently feature your product and show how to create the recipe with easy step-by-step directions. Videos can be a freelance project to enhance a recipe on your brand’s website. They can also be part of a bundle in a project for a sponsored recipe post feature on the GfreeDeliciously blog and social media channels.

Branded videos will display in the blog post if there is an accompanying sponsored post. For sharing on social media channels, videos always include a square cropped video (1080x1080px). And of course, we can always discuss additional licensing to meet your brand licensing video needs.

Separate from the social media promotion that is part of a sponsored post. Social media promotion projects involve creating content around your brand that is shared only on the social media channels of your choice. Generally, that includes a stylized photo including your brand product or packaging for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Sponsored social media promotion consists of a brand message, link, tagging your brand page, and using any desired hashtags or keywords to help promote your product or campaign.

Are you looking for something even more targeted? Sponsored social media posts resemble a mini blog post but are delivered live on one social media channel of your choice (Facebook or Instagram). These targeted posts include brand messages, brand tags, proper disclosures, and a full recipe on the social media post. Posts will consist of either one photo or one recipe video, and rates depend upon photo/video, type of recipe, and brand objectives.

As a brand ambassador or spokesperson for your company, I would work exclusively with your brand in your particular product line. I would not work or promote any other competing brand for the duration of the ambassador contract. An ambassador contract agreement will also be contingent upon contracting a set number of sponsored recipe posts to produce per year or period of the contract. We can discuss this further and in more detail if this is something that interests you.

I offer two types of email features. Weekly Short-Post features and Full-Post features.

In short-post email features, your brand or product receives a shout-out in my weekly email newsletter. The rate for short posts is dependent upon full or segmented list distribution and the extent of the email post scheduled.

For full-post features, the entire newsletter is about your product. Like a mini blog post, the write-up includes a direct link to your website within the post feature. The article can also have an exclusive email-only download, recipe, or offer for sharing and “teasing” on social media. Please get in touch with me for rates on full features.

Product placement features involve adding a “feature spotlight” for your brand or product to an existing blog post or recipe. The written content includes a link to your brand in the post text for the product placement and an inserted target message if desired. Links to your brand can also appear within the recipe ingredients list. An example of this would be adding “Your Brand Name” Unsweetened Coconut Milk in a recipe that calls for “unsweetened coconut milk.”

These posts are then re-shared on social media, tagging your brand and using a hashtag of your choice.
My rate for product placement starts at $250.

Other ideas?
I pride myself on being able to objectively look at a brand to discover and come up with a unique way that we could work together. If you have any specific ideas to run by me, please get in touch!

Kymberley Pekrul is a popular gluten-free cook and recipe developer, health and lifestyle coach, speaker, workshop presenter, and food blog author. She’s passionate about helping people to make lasting change in their health and life by making delicious, nutritious choices for eating and creating mealtime solutions that use only real, whole foods and ingredients they can trust, while never, ever compromising on taste.
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