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A Note About the Downloads

Devotional Journal Downloads consist of three weekly sections: Scripture, Reflect, Journal. A fourth section Answered Prayers, provides space to log your prayer requests made throughout the month, the date when you began the request, and the date that your prayer was answered. Each scripture and reflection is just the right length to read in a few minutes, followed by prompts to focus your heart and mind on the areas of your life where you are grateful, desire growth, and to help you grow closer to God through quiet study and prayer.

A Note About the Journal Pages

It’s comforting to know that our God is always present, carefully watching over us. There’s nothing that can ever separate us from His unending love, even in the worst of times.

The free downloadable journal pages* are a starting point for G-Free Deliciously VIP Site Members to spend time in the Bible and learn about God’s true compassion, mercy, and love for us.

Use them as your opportunity to enhance your spiritual journey and come to know how deeply and tenderly God loves you.

Print them off to record your thoughts each week so you can look back to see how God has moved you throughout the year. At the end of the year, you will have 52 sets of weekly journal pages.

There’s only one thing to remember – these journal pages are intended to be used as a flexible outline; in whatever way, they might work best for your schedule and your walk with God.

Using the Pages


Each week provides a downloadable scripture graphic for the week to reflect and meditate on throughout the coming days, giving you time to memorize the verse, instilling it into your heart and mind.

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Each weekly set includes a reflect page, with the thoughts and questions prompted by the Monday Motivation scripture. The reflect page provides space to record your thoughts and responses. It’s up to you how to use this space. You can use it as an ongoing weekly reflection or a space to write in your thoughts on a single day!

Gracious Lord, Thank you

What are you thankful for this week? Here’s where you can fill in how God has blessed your life. It’s a space for letting God know how grateful you are for all the things you celebrate each day.

Teach Me

In what areas of your life do you desire growth? Share your thoughts and ask God to make things clear and teach you!

Guide Me

What are some of the areas in your life where you are looking for God’s guidance? Use this space to share your thoughts with Him. He is always listening!


What is speaking to your heart this week? Use this space for having heart-to-heart conversations with God. Be honest with yourself and God, allowing Him to hear what is tugging at your heart and occupying your thoughts.

the Best Parts

Life gets pretty crazy sometimes. Even when it’s fast-paced and seems to be flying by at warp speed, take the time to write down and record the best parts, the precious, special things that happen during your day-to-day each week.


Each week includes a special verse that is specifically about prayer. Different from the reflection verse, this verse is to help you spend time with God, to find the path, the clue, and the Word to follow to understand our Lord better.

Prayer Requests

Record your prayers. At the end of the time you’ve set for journaling or throughout the week, jot down prayers that you’ve prayed; all the asks big or small – prayers for His strength and courage, for yourself or others, so that you know where to go, what to do, how to think, or what to say.

Feeding my Mind, Body,
and Soul

Making time to nourish and feed your mind, body, and soul will help you to fulfill the specific purpose and plan that God has for you. Use this space to write down the simple steps and small goals you will take this week to help you stay in tune with what your mind, body, and soul are telling you both physically and mentally.

Answered Prayers

As you reflect on and revisit the prayers you make each week use the Answered Prayers download pages to record and summarize your prayer requests. Note the date that you first began praying this request. Then record the date when your prayer was answered.

At the end of each month, reflect on how God is moving with you answering your prayers. Trust on His timing. Take comfort in knowing that He’s got it all under control.

Now that you know how to use the weekly journal pages, trust and believe that God is our refuge and our strength, working all things out in life for our good! He loves and promises never to leave us. He reminds us that because His presence and strength are all we need; fear has no place in our lives. When we believe in those facts, when we trust in Him with all we love, have, and are, we can relax.

God’s answers may not always be what we want at times, but His answers are more than we’ve ever dreamed possible!

Keep the faith, trust in Him, be still, resting in the silence of His presence. Forget about over-planning for tomorrow. Instead, know that He is present. He promises to be with us throughout this journey we call life, through all the peaks and valleys, the highs and the lows. God is always at work and promises to work all things out for those who love Him!

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