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Success Stories

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 3:14 NIV

what our Journeyer's have to say...

“Before the AGJ Program, instead of letting confrontation go, it would irritate and fester into anger and stress; that started affecting my health. Although apprehensive about delving into all the emotions around that anger and stress, this program helped me to come up with some pretty good ways to anchor in with scriptures, antidotes, and humor in situations. I’m better at thinking and observing what’s going on inside me and around me so that I’m able to deal with people that are hard to get along with and deciding if difficult circumstances are worth my time. I believe that this program can help anyone who has things that bother them to approach life differently, changing habits that no longer serve them. Thanks for an amazing experience!”

– Mark U., MI

“I’d been considering working with a coach for a while, but I never really found anyone that felt like they’d get me… then I met Kymberley. This lady coaches with a velvet hammer. She’s not afraid to ask the questions that will make you think, to go deeper within yourself and get to the real ‘why’ behind all the life-stuff, which is exactly what I wanted. No B.S. Straight-up aim and authenticity. She’s is the real deal.”

– Gerry N., MI

“Body image and negative self-talk was something that had become second nature for me… then I discovered Kymberley Pekrul, a coach, who, in addition to working on my self-image helped me discover the why behind “Why” I had the negative habit in the first place. Bonus! I’ve become more active, started eating better, lost weight and gained back the body I had in my 30’s! I’m Obsessed with positivity!”

– Marie M., NC

“I had reached a rock bottom period and was ready for change but didn’t know where to start… I felt like a failure at everything. Coaching with Kymberley has opened my eyes and my life to what I’ve accomplished and all that’s still possible. I’m much happier, a better mom, have more time for my kids, my husband, and it all started with making me a priority in her faith-based GOO-Shedding program. Who would’ve guessed how coaching could make such a difference in mine and my family’s life? I’m singing praises for my Amazing Glorious Journey!”

– Sarah S., PA

“Kymberley opened up my mind to eating real food again… I would have never believed that eating gluten-free foods could be so delicious and easy to do wherever life takes me. I feel great, living life nourished and gluten-free!”

– Mary B., WI

“This whole Amazing Glorious Journey experience has brought a tremendous amount of clarity and focus to my life… I’ve learned how to confidently let go of what doesn’t serve my personal vision, while finding illumination and purpose in what inspires and lifts me towards getting what I want out of life.”

– Karen J., IL

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