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Quick Access Shopping List

Our recipe collections feature is great for advanced meal planning, but sometimes, you only want a simple shopping list generated from a few recipes. With our Quick Access Shopping list, you can do precisely that.

First, ensure you have created and are logged in to your member account.

Go to any recipe on the site, for instance, these Grilled & Filled Cheesy Wisconsin Goodie Burgers or Avocado Toast with Fresh Tomato & Poached Egg; click the “Quick Add Ingredients to Shopping List” green button located below the ingredients in the recipe card. The button will change to “Go to list now…” Click the button again to access your “Shopping List.” Remove the ingredients you don’t need from your shopping cart, print your list, share the edit link, save your list, or return to this page later to edit it further!

Select the recipes from your collection below, and then click the cart icon (located at the upper right) to generate the shopping list.

The “Print Recipe” link above will ONLY WORK on a recipe page.