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Celiac Disease, Environmental Triggers, and Autoimmunity

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Suppose you study the common and often overlooked causes of autoimmune diseases. In that case, you’re very apt to find among the reams of research papers published over the last 20 years a connection between what’s technically called persistent organic pollutant exposure, or “toxins,” and genetic susceptibility among celiacs.

It was one of those such studies that caught my attention. The 2020 pilot study reported a link between celiac disease and common chemical pollutants (POPs) found in everyday items people use, like pesticides, nonstick cookware, fire retardants, and household cleaning products.

Was I surprised? No. Toxins have long been associated with many adverse health conditions. I was reminded of this article by one of my mentors, Dr. Tom O’Brien, discussing autoimmune disease triggers. Listed among the triggers – you guessed it, TOXINS.

As Dr. Tom might say, “If genetics loads the gun of celiac disease while epigenetics pulls the trigger. What can we watch out for on the BATTLEFIELD?”

Redefining Clean- Reducing Harmful Chemicals in Your Home

An excellent start to that answer begins with the help of a company I became excited about several years ago. A trusted source from Norway that makes it easy to redefine clean – reducing harmful chemicals in homes worldwide and creating safe havens for all.

Norwex makes removing synthetic chemicals and nasty ingredients from everyday items easy while ensuring that their products are incredibly safe and effective. Manufacturing products to remove well-known CMR substances – Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or toxic to reproduction or endocrine disrupters (EDCs).

The Perfect Start

For me – a wife, mom, and grandma, it doesn’t take a doctor or a scientist to convince me that removing toxins from our personal care and everyday household products is a perfect start to keeping my family safe.

That’s why besides sustaining our bodies by eating gluten-free, it’s an easy choice to make small changes in the way my family and I live and clean—sustaining our home and family’s environment by using products that not only save time and money while creating a safer haven for ourselves and the earth too — but also eliminate harmful chemicals.

Pure. Natural. Effective.

Products that reduce the use of disposable options, like paper towels, mop pads, dryer sheets, and plastic straws, to name a few. Super-gentle Norwex Microfiber cloths and cleaning products that clean our clothes, kids, pets, cars, and gadgets fast using only water!

As a company, Norwex never compromises when it comes to the quality and safety of its products. From the personal care items for our skin to the Safe Haven products for cleaning our homes, cars, clothes, gadgets, families, and pets, I have complete peace of mind that no toxic residue will harm the ones I care about most!

I genuinely believe…

With every choice we make, every bite we take, and every product we apply or use on our bodies or throughout our homes, we must carefully consider its impact on overall health, our bodies, immune systems, born and unborn children’s health, and the environment.

That’s why I couldn’t be happier recommending the Norwex products my family trusts. Items I can confidently tell you have made our lives and home healthier for more than ten years.

It’s all the “little things” … The little changes and choices we make each day can make a big difference –  increasing our health and that of those we love, creating a safer haven in our everyday lives.

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Keeping your Family and Our Planet Safer
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Effective, safe, and sustainable, with products that deliver solutions for healthier homes, healthier families, and a healthier world.

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Norwex never compromises when it comes to the quality and safety of its products. The company meticulously develops its personal care and household products to be super clean and super effective.

For 25 years, Norwex has been redefining clean- reducing harmful chemicals in homes around the world and creating safe havens for all. Learn More >

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