The Deliciously Well Great “BIG”
Amazing Glorious Journey

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10 NIV

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1:1 Coaching Like You Never Dreamed Possible

This is the Open-the-Windows and Air-Out-Your-Universe Bundle
that’s basically like spring cleaning for your head and heart.

It’s a clearing, a stripping down AND a building up. This is you, finally, once and for all, stepping into yourself and beyond. It’s the “I can finally breathe and feel the earth under my feet” turning point where you’ll notice the sun or moon and the clouds in the sky. It’s where you’ll tell mediocrity to TAKE A HIKE! It’s where you’ll move from I’m gonna’-lose-five-pounds to Screw-it-I’m-Gonna’-Love-Myself-and-Maybe-I-Already-Do, and Anybody-Who-Ain’t-On-This-Page-With-Me-Can-Go-Fly-A-Kite! I’m-Gonna’ Kick-‘Em-To-The-Curb-‘Cause-I-Just-Kicked-Mediocrity’s-Boney-Old-Butt!

This is where your universe begins to run on love, you’ve discovered the direction on the compass for shedding the GOO of your Cocoon, for you and for the life that has been sitting within you for years, waiting for you to embrace your sprouting wings and fly.

What will we focus on?

Finding the right combination to support YOU in reaching your health and wellness goals.

I believe that God made each one of us to be uniquely and wonderfully made. There is no single right plan for everyone. In my holistic signature wellness program, The Amazing, Glorious Journey, we will concentrate on the uniqueness of YOU, focusing on your individual digestion issues, gut health, detoxification, mental wellness, nutrition, moving your body and more.

Loving side note: Don’t book yourself for a GOO-Shedding Breakthrough Journey if you’re not ready to grow some wings.

28-Day "Goo-Shedding" Journey Bundle

First-time $297

4 Sessions – Four Weeks of 1:1 Crystal-Clear Coaching
3 Hours of 45-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call Sessions.
One-time Payment at the time of booking.

1:1 One-time Refresher $158 *


Want This? Here’s what you get:

  • Pre-session access to the Deep-Dive Discovery Worksheet, which out of the gate is gonna’ freaking release a torrent of emotion and leave you gasping for breath.

  • 3-hours of in-depth, fully journey-altering, 1:1 Coaching (via ZOOM video conference).

  • Truths…served with a side of Absolutely Zero B.S.

  • Love and compassion so we can use your discovered truths to leave behind the old-skin in a GOO-Shedding reframe and a new path forward.

  • A brand-spanking new way of thinking; and

  • A follow-up email tailored just for you…because there’s nothing like staring at your truths on a page to hold you accountable.


Create Powerful Momentum...

Know Thyself… Choose Thyself… Be Curious About Thyself… Make Shift Happen !

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