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Welcome to G-Free Deliciously’s GLUTEN-FREE KNOWLEDGE BASE | With a goal of becoming the ultimate gluten-free online source for our readers, here is where you’ll find everything from our Affiliate DirectoryBook ListsFavorite Brands,  How-To Do It’s, and Videosto help you learn and navigate through living and loving your best gluten-free life! 

Stay-tuned and check back often for new tips and tricks. You’ll discover resources for baking and cooking the gluten-free way, find our recomendations for the best certified gluten-free products and ingredients on the market, learn techniques sure to make living your life a whole lot easier, and more! 

LEARN MORE @GFDKB (GLUTEN-FREE KNOWLEDGE BASE) | Pick our brain. Poke around and learn from our experience, benefit from all the knowledge we’ve gained through our years of trial and error, making lots of mistakes, and doing tons of reading and research to achieve health and success. 

Checkout the collection in our catagory index below or jump to individual posts HERE! 


This is our golden directory of quality businesses that we believe in and support ourselves. Many are small specialty manufacturers and supplier businesses, others are local to the Wisconsin Holyland area. 

Have you been looking for that perfect flour? Longing to find a certified gluten-free version of an ingredient? Maybe you’ve seen something in our kitchen you’d love to include in your own. 

Our affiliates make it possible for G-Free Deliciously to pay for hosting and other services to keep this site alive and growing.  We truly thank you for beginning your shopping experience HERE!

BOOK LISTS | Coming Soon!

So many books, so little time. When you have celiac disease, have a gluten-sensitivity, or are caught in the vicious circle of health uncertainty, you read. And, you read everything. We’ve been there. We understand.

Then, you find a glimmer. As you dig deeper, that glimmer becomes hope and brighter as a beacon and shining light at the end of the tunnel. 

It’s HERE that you’ll find some of our favorite books that we hope will help, support, and lift you along your journey. ENJOY!

FAV GF-BRANDS | Coming Soon!

Check out our favorite Gluten-Free Brands HERE!

HOW TO DO-IT’S | Coming Soon!

Read our collection of posts that illustrate how to do “IT” step-by-step! So, what is “IT” anyway? Well, “IT” is a little bit of anything and everything from simple tips to technique tutorials in the gluten-free kitchen and beyond.

You’ll find digital downloads that you can access of you’re among our valued email subscribers, free lables, cheat-sheets and more. Discover a ton of resources HERE!

What? You haven’t subscribed to receive our emails yet? Let’s change that. You can sign up right now.

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VIDEO’S | Coming Soon!

You’ve asked, and we’re working on them (Yep, videos are just another learning curve). Stay tuned for the video premier of our first G-Free Deliciously episode.

We promise you’ll love watching the video versions to some of our best recipes. You’ll find them HERE!

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Kymberley Pekrul


  • The activities I to do most are cooking, being creative with food, gardening, quilting, sewing, and writing! 
  • In my life, I have traveled to 31 of the states in the USA where I’ve enjoyed the food, history, people and the local culture while visiting. Among the places, I’ve lived in Arizona, California, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  • As a little girl I grew up living next door to my grandma and grandpa on a small lake in rural southern Michigan.
  • The first thing I learned to make was pancakes.
  • The craziest thing I ever made was mint-flavored green cupcakes when I was 13. My family didn’t like them 🙄  Learn more →


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hey! i’m so
 Happy to Meet You!

I’m Kymberley: former nonprofit director, now full-time blogger. My husband Mark, and I share our rural home in the heart of Central Wisconsin in an area known as “The Holyland.” We love visiting cool places across America, learning about the food, the people, culture, and the local history. Our favorite things are eating great food, dark chocolate, weekend coffee, lazy summer days, all sorts of music, and time with our grandchildren.  
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