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Et cetera is the beginning of G-Free Deliciously’s resource area, where you’ll find everything that relates to – yet reaches far beyond my mission, vision, and purpose. It’s the compass to many fabulous gluten-free brands, services, and products that I’ve found, regularly use, and have come to love. It’s meant to be an ever-changing growing starting place for bright ideas, useful advice, and a wealth of sources – all the things that the universe offers beyond this little piece of cyberspace and the pages that make up this site.

It’s from here that you can jump to the Affiliate Directory, Book Lists, Recently Showcased Brands, my How-To Do It’s, and eventually a directory of my site’s latest Videos. Here’s where you’ll find all those little extras to help you grow, learn, and navigate through living and loving your best gluten-free life!

I invite you to stay tuned and check back here often for new articles, brands, pointers, tips, and tricks. You’ll discover the basics, essentials, and experienced techniques for baking and cooking the gluten-free way, recommendations for the best certified gluten-free products and ingredients on the market, learn methods sure to make your gluten-free life a whole lot easier, and much, much more!

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Poke around all the pages on this site where you’ll learn from my experience, benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained through years of trial and error, making lots of mistakes, and doing tons of reading and research to achieve gluten-free health and success. 

Checkout the collection of my posts below or Jump to the Community Forum HERE to connect, ask questions and learn from others experiences!

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Here’s our golden directory of businesses that we believe in, work with, and support ourselves. Many are small privately-owned companies, specialty manufacturers, and entrepreneurs, and a handful is national brands. All are businesses based in the USA built on the simple notion of offering their customers quality products and services, customer satisfaction, and trust.

Have you been looking for that perfect flour? Are you longing to find a certified gluten-free version of an ingredient? Maybe you’ve seen something in my kitchen you’d love to include in your own.

The affiliates on this site make it possible for GfreeDeliciously to pay for hosting and other services to keep the website and everything we do alive and growing. So we truly thank you for beginning your shopping experience HERE!

So many books, so little time. When you have celiac disease, have gluten sensitivity, or are caught in the vicious circle of health uncertainty, you read. And, you read everything. We’ve been there. We understand.

Then, you find a glimmer. As you dig deeper, that glimmer becomes hope and brighter as a beacon and shining light at the end of the tunnel. 

It’s HERE that you’ll find some of my favorite books that I hope will help, support, and lift you along your journey. ENJOY!


FAV BRANDS | Shop gluten-free brands to make your life easier. Find the companies we’ve come to love and trust!

Here are just a few of our favorites to get you started:

Cultures For Health – Cultures for making yogurt, kefir, cheese, sourdough, kombucha, and more…

Teabloom – Blooming tea flowers, tea gift sets, and tea accessories.

VitalChoice – Wild Seafood & Organics

Wildtree – Dip blends, Seasonings, Dressing, Sauces, Oils, and Mixes

WOLO WanderSnacks – Low Sugar, High Fiber, Soy & Gluten-Free Protein Bars

Check out all of our favorite Brands HERE!


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Here’s where you can gain valuable techniques and skills from what we’ve learned honed from years of hands-on cooking and being lovers of all things food-related.

Whether you’re looking to conquer a new-to-you cooking technique, upgrade your kitchen gear, or figure out what to make for dinner, you’ll love watching the video versions of some of our best recipes. You’ll find them HERE!




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Kymberley @gfreedeliciously

Kymberley @gfreedeliciously

Hi, I'm Kymberley, the creator of GfreeDeliciously and the Amazing, Glorious Journey Programs. I pray that my work will inspire you to honor your body through God and Good Food from the inside out, all while enjoying your Amazing, Glorious Journey!

Take a peek at the behind
G-Free Deliciously

Being creative, cooking, fresh veggies, the violin, decorating for holidays, sewing, hand-quilting, cowgirl boots, country music, fresh herbs in pots, blowing dandelions to the wind, walking barefoot in the grass, hanging out with eclectic interesting people, reading, writing, warm lazy summer days, and yoga!

Gluten, cilantro, mixed vegetables (the frozen kind I grew up with), negativism, rudeness, narcissism, overstaying a welcome,
not helping out, liars, promiscuity, cockiness, know-it-alls, being overly-dramatic, goal-less-ness, poor hygiene, chauvinism, lacking a sense of humor, excessive competitiveness, Laziness, horrifying spellers, people-bashing, criticism and mockery of others and their beliefs, flakiness (because flaky people are really unappealing), more swagger than substance, people who constantly manage others (those folks who think they have all the answers…)

Lambrusco, my iPad, popcorn suppers, dark chocolate, cookbooks, Almond-Rocca, historical romances, sun-bathing, weekend coffee with a good book in bed, PBS cooking shows, romantic comedies, cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and fragrant bubble baths with soft music and wine…

Say please and thank you, LAUGH, Pray often, ENCOURAGE others, Be KIND, HONEST, HAPPY, Keep your PROMISES, Be GRATEFUL, Wash your hands, FORGIVE yourself and others, LISTEN, Have FAITH, Be CONFIDENT, Honor your parents, CHERISH your children and grandchildren, TREASURE your family, ABIDE in GOD’s love, Be POLITE, Guard your HEART, SEEK your purpose, FEED your mind, body and soul, Be HOPEFUL, Resist temptation, Lay your burdens down, TRUST your gut, CONNECT with nature, Know that GOD made you perfect just the way you are, SERVE others, LIVE to love, Be COURAGEOUS, Shine bright, OPEN your mind, RESPECT differences, HONOR your inner hunger, SING loud, Be PROUD of who you are, Practice PATIENCE, Never give up, WEATHER the storms of life, Say I love you, LOVE one another

  • I’ve traveled to 32 states in the USA where I’ve enjoyed the food, history, people and the local culture while visiting.
  • Among the states, I’ve lived in are Arizona, California, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  • My favorite island is Maui.
  • I’ve also been to Canada and Mexico.
  • I rode horses as a kid, and barrel-raced.
  • I broke my neck when I was 18 and went to senior prom in a neck brace.
  • As a little girl, I grew up living next door to my grandma and grandpa on a small lake in rural southern Michigan.
  • The first thing I learned to cook was pancakes.
  • The craziest thing I ever made was mint-flavored green cupcakes when I was 13. My family didn’t like them much…

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Kymberley @gfreedeliciously
Coach | Cook | Creator | Publisher

I'm so happy you're here,

I’ve always loved food. I’ve loved to think about it, write about it, and talk about it. Then suddenly, one day, everything I thought I knew about nourishing my body changed when I discovered I was celiac. So, I re-learned how to eat, cook, and navigate through life gluten-free – trusting God and His plan for me.

Gfree cooking, health, and wellness ARE now my life. And this little corner of the internet is where I share what I’ve learned – Where my passion IS to nourish everyday GfreeDeliciously!


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