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In 2007 a quick stop for a fast-food hamburger changed my life forever...

Unlike other food stories you might have heard, to be fair, I should begin by clarifying that it wasn’t really the hamburger, but rather the series of medical events that followed my eating it that impacted me, my identity, every area, belief and thought I’ve ever given to myself, in my personal and professional life.

Those events changed my core beliefs about how to eat, the foods to eat, how I view health prevention and long-term health, even about being a patient in the healthcare system.

It set me on a new course in life to learn all I could to regain optimal health by eating healthy whole foods, nourishing my body and soul with healthy daily routines, sleep and exercise, and to apply this same information in a person-centered model and program to help guide others to regain their optimal health too.

These events set me on a new holistic life path in support of helping and guiding individuals to heal themselves by exploring themselves on a deeper level to understand the “WHY” behind the “WHY” of their symptoms and the sometimes cluttered messages that they receive from their bodies.

If you are reading this and want to restore your health, body, and overall life, I invite you to get curious about how using healthy eating strategies that focus on fresh whole foods while making transformational habit change within can achieve and sustain your optimal health.

I’m so pleased to have you here exploring the Amazing, Glorious Journey opportunity and how it can make an impactful difference in your health and future. It’s an exciting time!

I hope to become a resource for you as you embark on your path to fulfilling your amazing, glorious journey story. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to contact me. I’m ready to support you. 
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