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About Living Fully Nourished

Gluten-Free Food for All Food Lovers Gathered at the Same Table!

"Hi, try this," I'll say when you stop by to visit my home and kitchen, offering you a taste of something freshly cooked or baked using fresh herbs, fruits, or vegetables from my garden. I'm Kymberley, cook, coach, gardener, quilter, writer, and creative maker - I'm also the face behind this website GfreeDeliciously.com. Welcome!

Hi, I’m Kymberley Pekrul.

Christian wife, mom, grandma, student, celiac patient, quilter, creative gal and designer, passionate food lover, proud home cook, certified gluten-free practitioner, gut microbiome specialist, health and lifestyle coach, and the face behind GfreeDeliciously.com.

If you like this website, I’d also invite you to check out my eNewsletter, which aims to inspire an appetite to live fully nourished – for better understanding and connecting with ourselves, our bodies, our families, and our faith. Sometimes, that means posts are recipe-heavy, and other times, I may focus on gut health or gluten-free nutrition, food history, food growers or makers, or how-tos. Other times, you’ll find this a gathering place of ideas and inspiration – jumping-off points that showcase everyday experiences and activities. Such as cooking, decorating, gardening, books, faith, devotions, and hospitality – all of which can be used to live fully nourished.

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For less than the cost of a latte each week, you also get insider access to me and over 15 years of gluten-free knowledge, advance notice on events and classes, my upcoming book releases, and bespoke products that may be offered down the road.

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Let’s talk tasty food that just happens to be gluten-free…

If you’re looking for a community of gluten-free home cooks who share your interests, I invite you to join us today. It’s like sitting around the table after a good meal and engaging in a lively conversation about things that truly matter, like connection to the health we deserve and the food we grow and eat daily.

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