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Flashbacks and flash forward...

My gluten-free journey began in 2007 after a quick stop for a fast-food hamburger changed my life forever...

Unlike other food stories you might have heard, to be fair, I should begin by clarifying that it wasn’t really the hamburger, but rather the series of medical events that followed my eating it that impacted me, my identity, every area, belief and thought I’ve ever given to myself, in my personal and professional life.

Those events changed my core beliefs about eating, the foods to eat, how I view health prevention and long-term health and being a patient in the healthcare system.

It set me on a new course in life to learn all I could to regain my optimal health by eating healthy whole foods, nourishing my body and soul with healthy daily routines, sleep, and exercise, and applying this same information in a one-on-one-individualized-program for helping to guide others in regaining their optimal health too.

These events set me on a new holistic life path in support of helping and guiding people to heal themselves by exploring themselves on a deeper level to understand the “WHY” behind the “WHY” of their symptoms and the sometimes cluttered messages that they receive from their bodies.

If you are reading this and want to restore your health, body, and overall life, I invite you to get curious about how using healthy eating strategies that focus on fresh whole foods while making transformational habit change within yourself can achieve and sustain your optimal health. Check out this page to explore more about the program options, the Amazing, Glorious Journey opportunity, and how it can make an impactful difference in your health and future. It’s an exciting time!

Last but not least, I hope to become a resource for you as you embark on your path to fulfilling your own gluten-free amazing, glorious journey story. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to contact me. I’m ready to support you in your journey in any way I can.  ky*******@gf**************.com” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>Please email me here…

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Cook and Foodie...

I love delicious food. Real food. 

The kitchen has been my happy place for my entire life, followed by the close second of the dining room table where I’ve shared my culinary triumphs and failures over the years.

Looking back, I can’t remember when food wasn’t part of the best memories or the saddest days of my life. It’s a crazy fact. But from celebrations to mourning those who’ve passed, food has always been an intimate part of daily life and how we’ve lived it.

Throughout my life, I’ve loved to cook, bake, and have fun creating with food. I’ve cooked favorite foods of my childhood for over half a century, followed by a handful of regional dishes I’ve picked up over years of traveling around the United States. My food world mostly focuses on renditions of traditional recipes from the Midwest-based on wild-caught and farm-raised fish and meats, root vegetables, fruits, and other fare grown in Zone 5 gardens.  I love using fresh herbs and spices grown seasonally in pots or a sunny windowsill during winter months, and canning, preserving, and fermenting foods have always been a way of life. When purchasing ingredients, I lean towards those easily found in Midwestern Farmers Markets and local grocery stores.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. That day forever impacted my relationship with food, but contrary to what some might think, it was not in a bad way. It was the opposite. That day I celebrated finally knowing everything that I could eat, and I felt a release in being certain of what was making me sick. The diagnosis changed my life. The day changed how I thought about food, how I feel when I eat it, where I eat food, how it’s prepared, and all the ingredients that nourish my body. I even began questioning the products I use on my body and in my home.

I learned that there was no greater wisdom than what I intuitively already knew to be true for myself. I discovered how to trust myself, to armor myself and my body with the instinctive knowledge that God had placed within me, how to nourish and strengthen my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

After years of learning to live gluten-free, I knew I wanted to help others with similar journeys and issues with their health. I began my blog and hosting local, gluten-free workshops in 2017, drawing on what I’d learned through a lifetime of gut and intestinal troubles, misdiagnosed health challenges, and the unexplained symptoms that had overwhelmed me for years that were eventually found to be caused by gluten and wheat.

The struggles I have encountered in becoming gluten-free have inspired me to share what I know to help others on their journey to become healthier with food, life, and living each day to its fullest.

GfreeDeliciously is about the journey of becoming gluten-free, about the aha moments discovered in the kitchen, in everyday living, during travels, and navigating through daily life. It’s about the thousands of epiphanies each of us discovers in honoring our unique bodies. This is a culinary exchange that’s adapted from food traditions, history, and vintage-era recipes. Gluten-free cooking offers an updated approach for preparing the comfort and traditional foods of yesterday, in a new style where eating healthy meets feel good and where feel-good meets freedom.

Gluten-free cooking is just food re-imagined, prepared a bit differently to eliminate gluten – food for all food lovers gathered at the same table.

Certifications - Gluten-Free Practitioner, Health and Lifestyle Coach, and Gut Microbiome Specialist...

After going gluten-free in 2007 and finally being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my over fifteen years of adapting to eating, traveling, and learning to live gluten-free through trial-and-error, in-depth studying about how to eat, living and enjoying life gluten-free to now share my experiences.

Today, I work in hope of inspiring others with been-there-done-that-in-the-trenches knowledge. Handing out some occasional tough love but mostly support for my clients and followers with easy-to-implement diet and lifestyle changes to transform their habits and lives.

In 2018 I went back to school to become certified as a Health and Lifestyle Coach trained in TCM (Transformational Coaching Method) at the Health Coach Institute and, in early 2019, began my private practice.

Since then, in 2021, I acquired certification specializing in gut microbiome health, and in 2022, gained certification as a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner.

My coaching sessions are designed to work strategically and effectively through step-by-step processes uniquely tailored to meet each individuals needs via a variety of discovery sessions, programs, and workshops on topics such as:

• What is Gluten, and Could I Be Gluten-Sensitive?
• Gluten-Free Weight Loss Resistance
• Feeling Great by Becoming Fabulously Gluten-Free
• Implementing the Gluten-Free Lifestyle
• Double Your Energy Being Gluten-Free
• Gluten-Free Total Body Image

Book a Complimentary Amazing Glorious Journey Virtual Coffee Chat to begin exploring in detail.

Writing and Creativity...

My whole life I’ve been a writer and storyteller. A curious and imaginative kid, storytelling started out quite innocently as a way to gain attention from family by turning what I thought was a ho-hum childhood into an exciting adventure.

Entering my teenage years, my storytelling advanced from telling tall-tales into a way to bring attention to the people and things I cared about – a way to tell stories and teach others about interesting people, causes, places and things in the world, and a way to capture and hold on to the best parts of my life.

Writing resides at the top of my list of the biggest blessings in my life. It's carried me through happy and sad times, It's allowed me to be able to express myself even when shyness has overcome me. In my career I've been blessed to write for, and be published in several children’s, consumer, and trade magazines, penned numerous amounts of published and unpublished poetry, prose, and short stories. And, these days my writing is allowing me to share my lifelong passion with cooking and food...

During my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to write all sorts of articles, copy, sales, and fundraising materials. I’ve designed logos, advertising, and promotional pieces, illustrated a book, worked as an editor, public relations, and marketing professional, managed events, and even owned and published a regional magazine. I’ve been a nonprofit executive director, worked as a director of development and marketing, national sales and marketing director, and newspaper reporter. At the core of all this, I’ve been a writer and a storyteller.

I’m probably best known for my years as editor and publisher of The Country Gazette Magazine (1992 – 2000) and for time spent as the executive director at the Fond du Lac County Historical Society (2015 – 2017).

Occasionally, in addition to working on my solo blogging career with GfreeDeliciously and Health and Lifestyle Coaching, when my schedule allows, I take on special projects, providing a variety of brand services and do consulting and speaking focusing on living a gluten-free lifestyle, entrepreneurship, blogging and writing as a career, communications, marketing, and nonprofit management. Besides that, my efforts are focused on family and helping out from time to time at the Wisconsin Writers Association.

My husband Mark and I share our rural home in the heart of Wisconsin in an area known as “The Holyland”  with a lifetime collection of books and other “rocks” that make life complete. We love visiting cool places across America, learning about the food, the people, culture, and local history. Our favorite things are eating great food, dark chocolate, weekend coffee, lazy summer days, all sorts of music, and time with our grandchildren.

We enjoy favorite times here being just the two of us, sharing summertime and holidays with visiting family and close friends, and special visits spent with our extraordinary grandchildren and god-grandchildren, equally remarkable — two grown children, goddaughter, and each of their spouses.

Outside of my work, during spring, summer, or fall, you’ll find me in my vegetable and flower gardens. During the colder months when the days are shorter, evenings are spent hand-quilting, relaxing with a historical romance, or indulging in the guilty pleasure of my iPad. I can while away hours reading or researching just about anything to do with history, especially culinary and food history (I fully own up to being a certifiable history nut), new and old recipes, gardening, and craft ideas.

Year-round, you will find me spending a lot of time in my dream kitchen whipping up something delicious (my recipes are Gluten Free – since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2011). I’m not a chef, nor do I consider myself a gourmet cook. That said, I do think of myself as a pretty darned good cook. I’ve always loved getting creative in the kitchen, preparing, serving, and eating delicious meals with family and friends. Meals that focus on fresh quality ingredients with no preservatives and are healthy, nutritious, and wholesome.

In a recent writing exercise for an online class, I was asked to make a  list of what makes me, me. It’s a lot harder to do than you might think. Describing myself, I’d have to say I’m a strong-willed, creative, a big thinker. I’m not only a look at the glass-half-full kind of person but someone who also looks at the glass as refillable.  My most frustrating weaknesses are patience, the feeling that I must try to fix everything for the people I love and care about, a deep desire for wanting to make absolutely everything perfectly right, and numbers. I’m not too fond of numbers.

In the end, in everything I do, my cooking, coaching, living, loving, writing, and storytelling are uniquely me in my strengths and weaknesses — these are the constants of what makes me, me.

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